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 AAM hSub Interpreter

Program updated: 4-30-2014

I. Preface

AAM hSub Interpreter is a program that uses the hsub system to anonymously communicate with another person(s).  All communication passes through the alt.anonymous.messages news group.  Once you have anonymously set up an email address on, you can then easily send and retrieve messages using the system.  The program can also be used to decrypt your pgp messages.  AAM hSub Interpreter runs correctly on the Vista and Windows 7 (may not run correctly on XP) operating systems.

Read the AAMhSub Help found on the download page to set up this system and for its proper use.

II. AAM hSub Interpreter automatic nym set up

AAM hSub Interpreter now includes an automatic nym set up function to set up a nym at

III. Instructions for setting up a nym with

See the 'Nym setup' link above for instructions on creating an hsub nym.

ıSee: An introduction to hSub -
²Note: can also be used in place of
³Also see: Nymserver -

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